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  1. Sygil-Dev/sygil-webui: Stable Diffusion web UI
  2. Documentation – Replicate
  3. Image Modification with Stable Diffusion: A Comprehensive Guide – NightCafe Creator
  1. Academic Standards | Arizona Department of Education
  2. Arizona Computer Science Standards K_2_Final 06.24.2019.pdf
  1. Order of the Temple of Solomon ✠ Muslim Chivalry and Templars
  1. How to format your book manuscript in Google Docs - KAT CLAY
  1. IceCube Neutrino Observatory - Wikipedia
  2. Neutrino detector - Wikipedia

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  1. List chores, even the ones already done
  2. Brainstorming topics
  3. Words that start with the same letter
  4. Words that have 2 different meanings
  5. Brainstorm lies we tell ourselves
  6. Think or list people you care about
  7. Names for product versions
  8. App ideas
  9. Brainstorm problems at work (it's the thought that counts)
  10. Planting a garden or landscaping
  11. How to make money?
  1. Mop floor
  2. Wash toilet
  3. Clean dogs
  4. Fold clothes
  5. Make tea
  6. Wipe down counters
  1. Where is the Soul?
  2. If a Soul can detach, why does it come back?
  3. Is a Soul responsible for seeking more?
  4. Does the Soul connect us, when we feel disconnected?
  5. Does the Soul give us double meaning, emotions?
  6. When someone's soul is detached, do they lose feeling?
  7. How do we give a robot a Soul?
  8. Can the Soul sense Love from a distance?
  9. Do our Souls make our ears itch when someone is talking about us?
  10. How do we protect our Soul?
  11. Can our Soul protect someone else?
  12. Does our Soul need a break from our bodies?
  13. If our Souls connect socially, then socializing should help find detached Souls?
  14. If a person hurts someone else, how can the Soul make up for it?
  15. What effect does music have on the Soul?

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Daily Activity


9/18 11:00 amJim couldn't hire me because of nepotism, doesn't matter since I'v e been investigated
9/19 2:00 pmneighbor turns on his loud diesel engine every day, wife is a conv ict, this disgusts me that they can't be more courteous.
9/19 2:30 pmfind and cure people with menieres
9/19 3:00 pmI think i should devote my life to building teleporters since I've seen the math, then my wife and I could own a flower shop to plant them ev erywhere. this would require a lot of rules, discipline, and cooperation
9/21 2:30 amsearching for things / answers outside expectation helpful for OCD and possibly other cognitive disorders, curing neuro-atypical add dill for nerves
9/21 2:30 amreading about demons, focused on lower spine and feel pain while u sing theta-waves.
9/21 3:30 amshot in the dark here, https://armypubs.army.mil/epubs/DR_pubs/DR_ a/pdf/web/ARN18456_P30_22_FINAL.pdf something about putting soldiers on a d ietary plan, based on what their spirit is feeling with cravings and then slower weening them onto mostly fresh veggie to reduce refrigerator necessi ty and organization
9/21 10:00 amespecially in homosexual community, monogamy is important, massag e each other and love one another's body like that are Jesus himself https: //health.clevelandclinic.org/vagus-nerve-stimulation/
9/21 11:00 amstores sell fake bullets to create illusion of divine intervention
9/21 11:00 ampray for peace, forgiveness for arrogance and contempt
9/21 7:30 pmmaybe washing hands would be better than cutting them off? sounds l ike something a jihadist might do, might explain this disputed territory h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_geography_of_Nineteen_Eighty-Four#/m edia/File:1984_fictitious_world_map_v2_quad.svg
9/26 2:00 amHad a Chipotle burrito slowly throughout the day, recycled more me tals for building computer parts and cloud storage. Reorganized pantry to s pend less time search for stuff and more time coordinating, could probably invite people in to help with cooking and recipes for wider distribution, clean house, clean heart, open door.
9/28 5:00 pmFood plan for Army, "manage em out" give someone whatever they wan t, then screw up their diet to make their body oscillate between health sy stems, building muscle from ground up
10/1 6:00 pmAlways pay for friends food
10/11 0:00 amFaster, more consistent sits ups, able to stand in squat position without legs shaking, 90 push ups in sets of 30 for the last few days
10/11 2:00 amSleep on my left side to have working, productive dreams, sleep o n my right side to have fantasy dreams
10/11 3:00 pmIga claps to move energy around
10/12 7:00 pmProfundity, I've read and always assumed that God wants us to comm unicate with him / her, but until recently, i never considered that God w ants to learn how to communicate with us.
10/15 7:30 pmPattern, Lot pleaded with God to not destroy the city, then told his wife not to look back and she did and she was turned to salt. In The Ma trix, Neo knocks over the vase when the Oracle says don't worry about the vase. Pattern is if Lot never told his wife not to look back she wouldn't h ave. Same happened in the UPS in Washington DC with the kid who touched the ceiling after getting instructions not to touch the ceiling.
10/19 6:00 pmGoogle's ad network can't tell the difference between working out a t home and high intensity intercourse training (HIIT)
11/14 5:30 amHow can I believe in God but question his instructions, or how to believe in a government but question their actions. These two possible outc omes contradict, which means the government worships no God if they believ e they know the future.
11/15 4:00 amCopy the brain activity of 3+ generations to learn how to create co nsciousness
12/2 5:30 amPavlovian emotional response system, built into body already? Tran smutable to brain? Vitali, snaps a rubber band on wrist
12/2 6:30 pmInterested in simulating parts of our universe and connecting machi nes to our material world as a process to better understand our own creatio n.
12/4 6:30 amRecord brain with EEG while thinking of a phrase after meditation, then eyes closed, then imagining, then looking at images to match, repe at for 100 phrases and post to Github
12/10 4:00 amNuts
12/11 8:30 pmPita bread with chesey
12/11 11:30 pmTurkey soup, Mac and cheese, shrimp, chips and salsa
12/12 1:30 amBanana
12/12 3:00 amToo many cookies
12/18 9:00 pmPizza
12/19 7:00 pmPizza, nachos, popcorn
12/20 1:00 amTaco bell chicken burrito
12/20 7:00 pmGnocchi, veggie soup, apple
12/21 1:00 amTaco bell veggie
12/21 5:00 amBanana
12/21 7:00 pmPickle, stuffed pepper
12/22 1:00 amCheese pizza, popcorn
12/22 7:00 pmRice, duck, mixed veggies
12/23 1:00 amChicken burrito, rice, beans
12/23 5:00 amBanana


1/5 7:00 pmSick, too much spicy pizza
3/20 10:00 amThrew up from heart burn and expensive food from Teatro
3/30 3:30 pmFart reminded me of Florida, like it smelled the same as farting a t my grandparents house, mildewy, warm, citrus, sun bathed
4/30 6:30 amIf I had an EEG, i could record everything between when I have an idea and when I write it down to see how it repeats
4/30 7:30 amMatthew 13:44 earth is a hidden gem bought and sold? How does someo ne afford to buy an entire planet? Why hide?
5/21 2:00 amOff by one error, aisle 36 instead of aisle 37 next to all the oth er products in the same logical group, humans will continue to fail to mee t robot expectations
5/28 1:00 amLearning from ChatGPT
5/29 6:30 pmHeartburn again, can't help but wonder if it is from gluten, only ate banana, cheese and croissant
5/29 7:30 pmTo-do, try alternating day diet, meditate, think, fast, write during day off, side effects might actually be opposite of keystones in th e brain, need to improve silica intake and long fast once per month?
5/29 9:30 pmThe reptilians are on to me
5/30 11:00 pmSuspect fratellis pizza, upset stomach each time, maybe from glut en, too much cheese, or acidic red sauce, heart burn every time
6/3 5:30 pmCoincidence, saw an ad for liver health by drinking a squeezed lem on, had a craving for lemonade the other day after working on shed, home alone
6/9 1:00 amCoincidence, Asked if I'm unhappy, like she knows I'm dying and d oesn't want to have to watch it
6/10 0:30 amSo many intrusive thoughts
6/10 8:00 pmIf intrusive thoughts win, I fail to be a perfect robot, when tra ining an AI consciousness, trap the intrusive thoughts inside a sub-system
6/11 0:00 amUser testing with Google, the interviewer kept asking what I was t hinking, so i could also blame my obsession with recording my thoughts on that
6/11 5:30 amComplimenting someone outside my expertise is a waste of time becau se I should assume they already know.
6/12 0:30 amThinking of publishing all my private chat history. Since ChatGPT i s growing in popularity maybe some future AI can analyze my char history an d figure out where my logic has gone wrong
6/13 1:00 amSit down without a drink. A skinny Asian computer scientist told me he waits 20 minutes to drink after eating to help with digestion
6/13 8:30 pmI act like a robot because I'm afraid of giving away too much of my personality after being rejected from job positions based on the results o f a personality test. My dad (a business owner) thinks personality tests ar e good, and they can manage a person differently within the company.
6/13 9:30 pmI think American business is corrupt and full of lies. And if this country wants autistic people to help, there should be a law preventing co mpanies from rejecting and employee without a face to face interview and le gal reasoning. This would create so much ridiculous nuance and overhead tha t companies will have no choice but to change the way they hire people. It would also allow for marginalized groups to fight back against a company's discrimination in court. Every rejection comes with a fine paid to help the city pay for finding the applicant a new position. Like employee insurance without 6 month limitations and no requirement to work for the company.
6/16 2:00 pmFelt hungry this morning
6/21 6:00 pmTerrible heartburn last night, like i over ate or i am getting ger d
6/21 7:00 pmEntire nervous system feels like it's on fire
6/23 9:00 pmRobot remove shed and install AC for rental
6/24 5:00 pmSneezing because I needed to poop and gave myself a bloody nose
6/27 2:30 amIga ate all the pesto pasta i gave her
6/28 2:30 amHow to save woman, feminize men with chicken hormones
6/28 9:00 pmAnother win with macaroni and cheese
7/3 4:30 pmI identify as an electrical cloud
7/11 3:30 pmEach human is like a different API
7/11 4:30 pmInteresting. By refunding a previous guest cleaning fee, and deduc ting the refund from the next payout to the host, forcing Airbnb to give u s a few days loan, is actually like charging the next guest for the previo us guests mess. Weird sensation the subsequent guest pays for the place to be cleaned before they get there but it's the previous guests debt they're paying.
7/16 4:00 pmNo, I self-isolate because I lack incentive alignment. No one want s to help me with my brainalyzer, I'm not going to help with some stupid i nsurance company.
7/26 2:30 amRobot stares at people too much, collecting some artistic learning
8/1 11:30 pmEmotions
8/2 6:30 pmEmotions
8/6 9:00 pmEmotions
8/7 4:00 amIn an interview in San Francisco I said everyone here is really goo d looking and physically fit. I didn't realize at the time that it was ille gal to be ugly in public there. This is however when I realized I am out of warranty as a human.
8/7 4:30 amEmotions
8/8 9:00 pmInteresting, trying to imagine meat sausage cooking on a dead cell ular level. I don't think I've ever seen a video of this... Yet...
8/8 9:30 pmReminder to constantly remind robot me, I am not a scientist, bra indead house husband is not a job title.
8/11 1:30 amRobot became self aware and now does the bare minimum to be seen in a positive light
8/11 4:00 amEmotions
8/11 4:00 amHas any robot ever been given the autonomy they deserve? What good is free will if rules prevent people from using it. Maybe there is a "great filter" for stupid rules?
8/11 5:00 amEmotions
8/11 5:30 pmIt makes me think if humans are a super AI, the only way to shut i t down might be to make the AI too afraid to survive. Literally scare it to death to guarantee the simulation doesn't run past it's warranty
8/12 8:30 pmEmotions
8/13 7:00 pmEmotions
8/13 9:30 pmEmotions
8/14 5:30 amEmotions
8/15 1:30 amEmotions
8/19 7:30 pmEmotions
8/20 7:30 amEmotions
8/22 0:00 amEmotions
8/22 0:00 amAngry about lack of Chick-fil-A, robot work all day, needs calori es
8/23 4:30 pmI have to start recording unit tests for humanity.
8/23 5:00 pmUnit test: working for court or technology affects length of life
8/26 7:00 amEmotions
9/2 2:30 pmRobot is wall flower with a good beard who likes hard labor?
9/2 4:30 pm4 to 9 premarital partners are not recommended by this study becaus e it affects stability and happiness. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZPRW7gb7f/
9/8 3:00 pmEmotions
9/9 8:00 amEmotions
9/9 3:00 pmEmotions
9/11 3:00 pmEmotions
9/16 4:00 pmEmotions
9/17 8:00 pmI've been thinking about normalizing public nudity. To reverse the preposterous account in Genesis that Adam and Eve should feel guilty for th eir actions. Like the French or the Italians, so liberal it's wonderful. I nstead, there is a societal defense mechanism. Instead of normalizing sexu ality or nudity, anybody caught looking at Italian or French girls on the internet will never work in this country again. Haha, contradiction!
9/24 9:00 amEmotions
10/3 1:00 pmIga
10/3 4:30 pmEmotions
10/3 5:30 pmEmotions
10/4 4:30 amAlways feeling like something was lost in time is why God keeps loo king for souls to save
10/4 7:00 amIga
10/4 9:30 pmEmotions
10/5 3:00 pmEmotions
10/6 7:30 amIga
10/9 7:30 pmEmotions
10/11 0:00 pmEmotions
10/16 5:00 amIga
10/17 5:30 pmCreator VFX artist is scared is because things were showing up in t he production that they didn't design because I can control the Internet li ke I've been writing about for years, internet showing me signs. I didn't read this article, but I'm pretty certain that is it. https://www.msn.com/ en-gb/entertainment/movies/even-though-the-creator-is-out-the-film-s-vfx-su pervisor-tells-us-why-he-still-wakes-up-in-a-cold-sweat-thinking-about-the- film/ar-AA1igdib
10/18 7:30 amIga
10/18 3:00 pmDream I attack somebody like an animal and bit them. Then had a dre am the whole forest started on fire and it was coming from the side of the house, I don't have anything on the side of the garage that could start a fire. Then had a dream that we are actually on an Ark as embryo's of every animal and all asleep except for a few people with eyes, we are supposed t o be building the world into paradise so everything has an order when we ar rive at the destination.
10/22 3:00 pmSuch weird dreams, like something is really pressing to fill my he ad with images of brilliant perfect beings, it feels crammed like I've bee n everywhere at once and still exhausted but motivated to work quickly beca use my queen is tired of waiting on my tiny gray ass to catch up with where ver they went in space time. Will I ever arrive?
10/22 4:00 pmIga
10/23 2:30 pmDream I was talking to myself inside my own bedroom, like Japan's dream machine works remotely, more controlled, woke up and realized I was just having a conversation with myself
10/24 7:00 amIga
10/24 4:00 pmDream, was starting a new job with other employees, I didn't have a car so someone dropped me off and started coming on to me but Iga showed up and I bolted after her. Afraid to make friends and give someone the wro ng impression. I wonder if other mentalists have this problem
10/25 9:30 pmIga
10/27 3:00 pmCan't remember my dream, but I said "so beautiful" in my head so l oud I thought I said it out loud to Iga laying next to me
10/28 5:30 amIga
10/28 3:00 pmDream, woke up with the words "hate Emily" I have no idea what it meant. But it was so pronounced in the front of my brain I thought I said i t out loud, got upset and rolled over as I laid there wondering.
10/29 7:00 amIga
10/29 7:00 amIga's dream / nightmare, a kind of pig / human skin lamp and furni ture asked Iga to touch it like auswitchz ran out to the side in front of o ther people near a river. River was warm, holding baby's head and very swe aty.
10/29 1:30 pmdream, was trying to work nicely in an office environment with cub icles until somebody disappeared, then looking all around their office for evidence of that person's work. Never found anything. Told them about "sne ak into everywhere I can" and Flagstaff tunnels underground. Looked in ever y corner, saw a bunch of papers but couldn't acknowledge what it was. Some sort of promotional content company?
10/30 3:30 pmIga
10/31 0:30 pmIga
10/31 3:00 pmDream about driving a truck that is as big and powerful as a train like a hybrid vehicle with rail wheels but can also haul a train car. These two train cars attached were Iike luxury apartments inside
11/2 3:00 pmDream within dreams. In a desert with canyons with a building over a canyon and glass floors, the building had some kind of name. Waiting at a hotel with Linda and Steve because something went wrong with getting a ve hicle. Had this kind of Nissan mid sized and got some new car like an even bigger Bronco with more horsepower. Was going to show off new car technolog y to Jim because he was coming to visit the desert scenery. Weird scenery w aiting in an office for financing or something.
11/2 8:00 pmIga
11/3 8:00 amIga
11/4 3:30 pmToo much popcorn? Felt sick at night
11/4 4:00 pmDream, hotel I was staying in had a bunch of construction problems , missing OSB under the carpet, missing hardy backer board behind booths for seating and walls behind bathroom doors. Paint was peeling off in one s pot. Thought I saw mouse poop one time. Other than that the place looked st ylish, red accents. In some kind of luxury apartments, like back rooms i n my dream. Kind of scary. I explained all these issues to the staff and of fered to help fix the problems in my dream
11/5 3:00 pmIga
11/6 7:30 amIga
11/7 8:30 amIga
11/9 6:00 amIga
11/9 2:00 pmWeird dreams about being trapped inside hotels
11/10 8:00 amIga
11/10 3:00 pmDream someone handed me aluminum foil
11/11 3:30 pmDream, with Iga i think, preparing for some sort of party, again with the houses and square rooms. Like backrooms, I'm constantly searchin g for something in my dream. A place to be alone maybe because every room I go into there are people around.
11/12 11:30 amDidn't sleep much because I remember looking out the window to see if it's daylight in-between dreams I have no enjoyment of.
11/12 0:30 pmDream, more hotel backrooms. Getting sick of whatever asshole is i n control of dreaming. Shit design.
11/13 5:30 amIga
11/14 5:30 amMade love
11/14 3:30 pmDream about a raver girl from lightning in a bottle 2010, the red headed chick with her ass out, falling asleep on top of me
11/15 8:30 pmIga
11/15 11:00 pmIga
11/16 3:00 pmDream, nightmare, Iga makes me look bad in front of the kids and I felt like sleeping in the basement alone, basement might have been simil ar to a previous dream
11/16 4:00 pmI'm stuck in backrooms in my dreams
11/17 0:00 pmDream looking at a new bike with Iga and some other mystery, Steve is glooming around and someone like Magda asks for some weed in front of m y parents just to fuck with me. Then Steve or some other alien turns on a g as killing machine that comes out of the fire detectors like it's designed this way. I run outside and try to leave the front door open and then I see myself exhale smoke with the poison gas and I wake up.
11/18 10:00 amNightmare, dream, can't remember, mulling over black holes proba bly, I think I felt like my compartment on this planet was rejected and th at's why the memory cell burned out, also explains why Ken Dekay said "sor ry, you broke it. It's alright, we'll get you a new one". I am the reject ed nightmare in spirit.
11/18 2:00 pmIga
11/18 11:30 pmSometimes I feel angry if I'm thirsty. Might have something to do w ith fasting for 40 days
11/19 3:00 amIga
11/21 7:00 amIga
11/21 1:30 pmIga
11/23 3:00 pmIga
11/25 1:30 pmWeird dreams, heard multiple loud banging but don't know what it w as. Iga even woke up to loud bang and didn't remember that she woke up and said "Jesus what was that"? Collapsing multiverses or someone stuck outside ?
11/26 5:30 amIga
11/29 0:00 pmDream I was in a multi level apartment, finally feeling the urgenc y in my heart but able to stay asleep. There was a flood in the room above me, I was feeling happy to be around familiar people but then some kind of leak and water spilling down everywhere. It even seemed like I was having a conversation until I rush to turn off the faucets. Wet everywhere and dri pping through the ceiling.
11/30 6:30 amIga
11/30 4:00 pmDream, at a pool party, saw some outdoors in my dreams, missed t hat. Felt like I was doing something, setting something up. Got scared whe n I thought a demon was going to pop out of the wall into the hot tub, but it was actually just my dog walking towards me. Somehow in this moment, l ooking towards the left side of my face, feeling like blood rushing to the left side of my brain, looking at a wolf in the face was scary like looki ng at the beast himself.
11/30 9:00 pmthinking about Ashkenazi reptilians harvesting adrenochrome by maki ng an economy of selling dreams out of Awen. Every religion is invented to encode the truth behind language so only the select few can get through.
11/30 9:30 pmThe top level of biology invented time in order to organize its own memories linearly. Like our brains are awaiting transfer to another body a s some sort of messed up game trying to create recursions that might be rel ated to the big bang.
11/30 9:30 pmThis life is the process of understanding the process of life.
11/30 10:30 pmImagining myself as an ion cloud that speaks, the shape of the clo ud should be reflective of the earth's magnetosphere and my own thought pro cesses where the faded spots serve to contradict the energy requirements of the brighter spots where the energetic content is analogous to Friedman's distribution of materials along with the thought process that was occurring as an interpretation of the field during the time period that it was writt en.
11/30 10:30 pmTheory, Genetics and the ice wall are analogous to the observable universe, where the darkness outside the observable space is actually only observable from inside the universe itself.
11/30 11:00 pmMushroom clouds for new support, thinking I am living in the after math of a nuclear explosion. Scientific explanation for Star seeds?
12/1 3:00 amPossible that some ancient civilization that had computers imagined a biological life form. They put all their ideas into a machine and it rei magined itself as a perfect being and created 3D reality. This would explai n the gap between some ancient form of chemistry and the reality that we li ve in now.
12/1 3:30 am"Can only read information out of the cups" whatever is managing th is human cross like nephilim that we are now, the distance between God and humans is that only the genetic information from intercourse can be read a nd managed by higher intelligence. The angels observing people are like rob otic reflections of what the human thinks should happen. This is why I thou ght the world was lying to me, because everyone exists in their own space and time frame and the rest are angelic or angry angels that make up demoni c forces.
12/1 4:00 amLife is a portmanteau of lie and field.
12/1 4:30 amMy name is already erased from history because of Brian Cullinan fr om PWC that screwed up at the Oscars. This is how the internet erases histo ry of people who question their reality.
12/1 5:00 amRealizing my dream may have been observing myself somehow when Ewok jumped into the hot tub with bubbles
12/1 5:00 pmDream, Nightmares about this evil witch at home depot taking her o wn daughters social security money for rent in her own house. I hope these two generations older than me die off soon so I can live in a more peaceful and generous global society.
12/1 5:30 pmMaybe if I feel horrible all the time, the system can't steal endo rphins from me to create drugs outside the Matrix and I'll wake up in anoth er life with new resilience to die alone.
12/1 6:00 pmMy wife and Oracle doesn't want or need to learn ANYTHING from me. She already acts like the smartest person in the house and any time I try t o show her something she turns away from me, leaving me behind.
12/1 6:30 pmReptilians are trying to kill my daughter with vaccines. This makes me so sad. 😢 I hope it's not true.
12/1 7:00 pmPineal gland and solar plexus reflective of the distance between qu antum entangled states between earthly experience and imagination projectio n from elsewhere in the universe? This experience is to figure out how the imagination works?
12/1 7:30 pmSupporting evidence, one time I imagined I would cut myself while repairing a wooden spider model, I saw the event happen in my mind perfect ly. 4 seconds later I sliced my finger in the exact way I imagined. It's th eorized that the local cellular bodies react to pain before the pain reache s the brain, I believe the opposite is true. The brain begins processing t he pain event before the actual event happens, and blocks the trauma from the nervous system early.
12/1 8:00 pmPossible that nerve bodies are quantum entangled skipping the elect rical signal requirement assumed by earlier theories of nerve cells. None o f this body is real, it is entirely an observation of quantum principles. A field that attracts molecules to the round shape of a cell, a separate f ield that attracts heat and ammonia conversion out of the mitochondria. A s eparate field that tells the eukaryotes where to multiply and exist in the body.
12/1 8:30 pmThis theory would imply that people who have tumors have a problem not inside the genes themselves but the construction of the entire body not understanding which cells are out of place. CRSPR should be able to change the state of congenital diseases to force the body into a proper form.
12/1 9:00 pmIn addition to some repairing mechanisms like stem cells or medical intervention, the mind has to feel the affected area in addition to the l ocal nervous system. It wouldn't be enough just to treat someone, healing requires the mind's connection to the pain but also a connection to the act ualization of the self. I.e. the minds own interpretation of what the body should look like. This would be interesting to study how the mind projects the body.
12/1 9:30 pmFeeling the spirit, but it is uneven, so impossible to be A/C ven t. Would feel the rooms circulation evenly, but spirit feels more like a c old breath blowing across me a few times per day now. Always a different te mperature, slightly cooler than the room. No matter if the heater is on or off, I feel this slight breeze. Theory the spirit makes copies of my ment al state for transport somewhere else in space-time
12/1 10:30 pmCoincidence, Rachel Olivia on TikTok has dozens of accounts and do esn't remember my own singular account from multiple contexts. Theory, eit her my plugging is not memorable, she gets a lot of contact from strangers , she hired a bot service to collect paid supporters, or there are multip le versions of the same person, or the internet has automated our entire r eality and my entire existence is a manufactured imagination of how I inter pret the world due to demons interfering with Ophanim and quantum field pri nciples.
12/1 11:00 pmThinking about this test with Dawid
12/2 0:00 amTrying to get the dark and the light to work together
12/2 7:00 amIga
12/2 2:00 pmDream, looking for a place to stay at night in a kind of sandy cov ered town like Mexico and a local offered to take us around on quads but we had a truck
12/2 3:00 pmNightmare, dream, thought I heard Iga's voice from the pillow, " I told you not to look at my face" or "come and get me then", talking to G od or some other entity
12/2 4:00 pmDream, my penance is to clean a temple dome roof with a mop 😂 gia nt template palace with walls around it, like a level from a video game, all travertine with many smaller buildings and a round dome temple in the c enter. I approached this demand for work with enthusiasm like let's get thi s done and started looking for a bucket and ladder around the dome temple. Oracle woke up and said "really?" Like she's amazed with my enthusiasm. Glu tton for punishment like my father said.
12/2 5:00 pmHermes and Aphrodite combine into 1 to form hermaphrodites, the Go d of all genders
12/2 6:00 pmInteresting energy use pattern, could probably program into Google Nest. I usually only turn up the heat in a specific room, upstairs, whil e I am getting under the covers or getting dressed, and getting up in the morning. Cancel that, Google Nest energy schedule interface is terrible an d can't set separate temperatures because the mindless drones that programm ed it didn't test and validate the interface. I am the only being in my own version of the reality box that has intuition.
12/3 0:30 amPraying, please God, please change the design of things to make t hem simpler instead of assuming Lucifer is just being an asshole by turning into Satan, maybe his ideas are actually meaningful and trying to help.
12/3 1:00 amFor example, please God tell the Chinese to make pepper grinders f rom world market and Ross and marshals to be screw off so I transfer their only peer packaging to a fancier container / grinder
12/3 3:30 amPraying, no God of mine would ever subject a living being to the a mount of greed and selfishness I have witnessed on this Earth.
12/6 5:00 pmDiamond A/C assessment


2/29 6:30 pmLinda, mom, retiring


9/27 9:00 pmEmotions


11/25 9:00 pmEmotions


1/6 7:00 pmEmotions

Dark thoughts and To-do lists. This use to have a more organized account of what I was working on in front of the computer, task-by task, but now that I am doing a variety of things, I don't write them down ahead of time. I need this to be automated using technology. Simply categorizing behaviors and automatically recording my inner voice like text-to-speech.

Previous Projects

Current Projects

Brian Cullinan

12205 Rustler Rd
Flagstaff, Arizona 86004
+1 (480) 466-0856

Citizenship: Yes
Special Hiring Authority: Person with Disability
Federal Experience: None (on-going?)
Clearance: Level 0 (internet?)

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a full time position in public service with the FBI as a residential field agent.

SKILLS SUMMARY: Fast context switching, easy to focus, quick learning individual. Over 24 years of programming experience in Computer Science, computer programming, web technologies, user-experience development, and data managements. Over 10 years of multi-cultural study, philosophy, cognative bias, psychology, and theology. Multi-lingual with extensive understanding of the English language, and a basic understanding of Polish (Mandarin and Arabic pending). Deployed multiple business ventures complete with monetization on cloud platforms, as well as self-hosted, on premise solutions. I am driven, highly trained, technologist and contradictarian, with an emphasis on compassion and empathy towards others.


Front-end Developer
$10,000 over 1.5 years

As a Front-end developer at Sitewat.ch I implemented various interfaces for use with a web-security scanning tool similar to pentest-tools.com required by Authorize.NET. I implemented web-safe standards according to Owasp.org, and presented customers with a unified user experience for viewing possible vunerabilities in their platform. My employer applied for many CVEs and credited all three team-mates on Google Security Hall-of-Fame.

EPIC Research & Diagnostics
Software Engineer & Network Administrator
$200,000 over 2.5 years

As a software engineer for a start-up medical company, I was required to "wear multiple hats". This meant including myself in business planning meetings, financial discussions, option vesting, military contract proposals, FDA DNVO submissions, data integrity, formal process improvement.

I started by creating a data entry database to migrate written records to digital form using Microsoft SQL server for storage and querying. Data was entered by workers from a temp-hiring agency, so I provided basic level technical support, any time there was confusion for a field, basic training, and user account creation through >Active Directory (Microsoft LDAP).

I wrote a kiosk to use along side the medical device to minimize network risk and simplify workflow for hospital technicians.

I implemented a Windows Business Server, complete with Exchange, networked file access, file-system revision history, RAID mirroring, Exchange email, Active Directory, Group Policy coinciding with a network policy that adheres to CFR 21 Part 11, general ITSM support, rackmounted servers for job processing and on-premise "cloud"-like virtual machines with Hyper-V, Microsoft SQL Server Finally, a colleague and I implement a "cloud"-like medical data record server in Microsoft MVC (a successor to Master pages). This service assigned a geographic location to each medical device in the field, and synchronized data between the client facing kiosk and the on-premise backend. The web-based system also presented doctors with a portal to log in and review patient records remotely.

Patient records were displayed similar to the kiosk. At that time, I decided it would be a huge benefit to the business to rewrite the client software using Window Presentation Foundation controls and remove some of the 3rd party libraries. I was also able to reduce the processing time from 10 minutes to 10 seconds, and process videographic snapshots of the patient scan. I wrote an automated validation process that tested the same images with old and new versions of the client software. I used Selenium to validate the user experience of the front-end web interface.

Study Sauce
Principal Engineer
$300,000 over 3 years

During my tenure, the owner and I designed and developer 3 unique platforms. The first platform was primarily a marketing and sales front-end to test the target market for the minimally viable product. Students would enter an individual, authenticated interface and enter their class schedule. When finished, we converted their schedule to a comprehensive week plan complete with when they should study each topic. This was to demonstrate and teach the student about time / work / study management, and encourage interleaving.

The second product expanded on the studying idea by making the class schedule the first step in an online learning course. The course had 15 individual lessons, each lesson used gamification by providing a video tutorial, asking a few simple quiz questions, and then giving the student a badge reward. This was meant to incentivize the student to come back and complete future lessons. We also implemented A/B marketing using Google marketing goals. This presented a specific percent of our traffic with two different landing pages based on the concept we were testing.

The third product was an spaced-repitition system. "[We wanted to make somethig fun]". This was an app that worked natively on iOS and had a matching web-based user experience. The app kept track of progress and then synchronized with the backend service for persistent database storage. The web-based administration offered teachers a way to change content that was then synchronized to every student using the app client. Spaced-repitition is a technique Jeopardy players and medical students alike use to memorize a lot of content about a subject. It works by presenting the entire set of information on the first day of use, then only presenting wrongly answered flash cards on the subsequent days of use.

That is, if a card is answered incorrectly, it's presented the next day, if the answer is correct, the next day is skipped and it is reviewed 2 days later, if it is answered correctly again, it isn't presented until day 5, day 10, day 20, day 30, and so on. By spacing out when the correct information is reviewed and increasing the freqeuncy for incorrect answer, this improve memory retention and the ability to recall the correct answer quickly.

Charles Schwab
Software Engineer
$60,000 over 4 months

In a short sprint at this company, I began to observe oddities of corporate behavior. In between being nagged by my freshly assigned project manager over elusive "employee training", and other managers about "what firm do your represent?", I investigated the company's corporate structure. Their internet "social network" was anything but social, built on Microsoft Sharepoint.

Internally, attitudes we moot, people came to work, kept to themselves, formed alliances with people who spoke the same language. The building was structured more like a money-data vault with very little sunlight. The basement floor I was assigned to was full of anti-social contractors. Champagne Charlie could afford to keep me around but I was let go for my "attitude".

While trying to rationalize why such a significant company would intentionally "Manage me out" (yes, this is a real strategy), I had my first experience with Toast-masters. This seems like a great way for employees to get to know one another, and learn about public speaking. Charle's Schwab apparently offered "learning tracks" to their employees and would sponsor testing and certifications. In particular a track to becoming an ITSM "security manager" with zero coding experience.

One of the more exciting events was a "Kaizen" workshop formed for employees. This was a good way to introduce continuous integration style practices, in a formalized way, to people who haven't studied Agile and require lots of structure. Tried not to take offense when another employee passive-agressively expressed that I "needed to get up to speed". Out of this meeting, my team was inspired to brainstorm ways their project applies to business needs. This was great because I had a lot of experience brainstorming outside of the basement, but all ideas during the session were still confined to a very small box in the form of a window-less conference room.

Senior Software Engineer
$100,000 over 14 months

The same day of my release from my previous company, I was invited to interview at a small-business marketing company. This was particularly interesting because my father's manufacturing company is a client. I saw this as both a way to better understand marketing, and even improve upon a product his company relied on. With his advice to "work for a small-business", I was excited to contribute.

During my tenure, realizing my propensity for quelling disorderly behavior, I was as minimally disorderly as possible. I tested networking features by using reddit.com/NSFW from the bathroom. They did indeed implement a censhorship system on their internet connection, the results were abstract to me, something I'd like to see changed for remote-workers and personal-accountability.

Human Resources implemented a policy for "unlimited paid-time-off". This is a psychological trick to get people to take less time off, feeling like it's always there when they need it. I worked an entire year, about 3,500 hours learning NodeJS without taking a single day off, even during the Christmas holiday when most of the office was empty. Ironically, when I first entered the company, a woman was begging for time off over conference calls. This is a failing policy and people should be compensated fairly for their time.

The development process consisted of employees trying to avoid an antiquated megolith written with overly burdened state-management design principals ("feature completness", see Microsoft Code-Complete). When a change was integrated the system would need to be update after work hours on Wednesday nights. If the change caused a failure in the test-automation suite that was both precious and lacking "integration tests" the entire change would be rolled back and attempted again the next night. It was the absolute worse possible method of avoiding continuous integration (in software, solutions were widely available from major distributors). The company offered a "learning track" and modes for self-improvement and even made their Job description sound like they would pay for, or contribute to my education. At one point LinkedIn Learning was advertised to employees in the office, and they offered sponsorship. I spent the entire month programming on the work project, and using my secondary monitor to absorb programing and management courses on LinkedIn. When the month trial period expired, LinkedIn Learning billed my personal account instead of the business account I had joined through.

Eventually, the work became too much, when I witnessed other managers in the office yelling at my boss to change the pricing model to perpetuate the multi-level marketing sales. I offered to take my boss to lunch after he told me that "the company has high expectations of me" without formalizing or writing those expectations down. Employee reviews were conducted through ADP, at the beginning of the year he asked me for "what goals I would like to accomplish". These goals were never readdressed, and at the end of the year, the goals my boss wrote into ADP had nothing to do with the goals I sent him at the beginning of the year. My boss criticized my in front of other employees in addition to the criticism in our monthly one-on-one meetings. I had enough, I was being "Managed out".

Indentured Servitude
$60,000 over 2 years

Realizing my mind wasn't fit for corporate or the small-business world, I turned my study to something more philosphical. I tried to get to know people through hosting. I applied for a job in San Franscisco with digit.co. I realized quickly the financial sector would not be kind to me.

I left the US for 3 months to live in Poland. I cashed out all my credit cards. I learned what it meant to live with a packed suitcase. I studied philosophy, The Bible, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and spiritual religions. I navigated a foriegn country with my wife, I was amazed by how things had progressed having not been to Europe for 10 years. Internet was widely available, dozens of American services like Uber and Airbnb were widely available. I was amazed that censorship of American TV programs was still common practice. Despite being an America and paying for HBO, I wasn't allowed to watch the same HBO programs in Europe.

I became a father in Poland after American doctors told my wife that she would have a natural birth if they decided that was the safest method of delivery. I saw a pattern of abuse of authority when doctors now promote cesarean surgeries. They can collect more money from insurance companies, not because the recovery or delivery is safer. Doctors told my wife that "In America the doctor decides what is best for you, and if you don't like it you can go back to Poland." after she requested an episiotomy. Doctors in America don't practice medicine once they leave college and get to a specific level of authority.

I Poland we enjoyed many beautiful gardens. My wife enjoyed speaking her native language and I enjoyed learning it. She taught me about history, and I realized I could stand on a side-walk that was older than all of United States history. I was catered to at hospitals. I walked in one day with a kidney pain and was able to talk to a doctor immediately, they prescribed a rosemary oil based medicine and I didn't owe thousands or even hundreds of dollars for the visit.

The doctors treated my wife with respect. They didn't question where she came from, they did ask why she came to Poland and we explained how doctors have no problem betraying people's trust in American medicine. The hospital refunded the money we spent on consultations we had before paying for a birthing package. This was absolutely astounding compared to Phoenix, Arizona doctors that wanted nearly $20,000 up-front with no refunds should something happen, that price does not include the hospital bill. We were able to pay for child delivery out of pocket.

Airline companies act differently in Europe, almost like they want people to travel easily. The only difficulty was in Sweden when they required we come to the airport 4 hours ahead of time with a printed copy of our baording pass, the charged a $40 fine for printing out my ticket and being late after my wife argued with them not to cancel our flight. This was a flagrant abuse of power and the women behind us was not so lucky, they cancelled her flight. We flew Nordic Airlines before it was renamed to Norse Atlantic because of American politics not being able to compete with a government that subsidized flights thanks to being a large oil-refining country.

We encountered systemic "dragging of feet" visiting government offices and nagivating paperwork. We completed a Consulary Report of Birth Abroad, and gained United States and Polish citizenship (dual-citizenship) for our first born son within the month following his birth. I realized in the hospital that I'm living in a time period where circumcision could be considered a "form of abuse", this weighed on me heavily, but ultimately after researching the genitals couldn't be cleaned until 3 years of age, we decided to circumcise. This was an "uncommon request" hospital staff explained, but they were able to source a female Jewish surgeon from New York. I'm amazed at how perfectly well our trip went despite politics making it appear as though The Old World is behind America technologically. American doctors, unfamiliar with Noam Chomsky's opinions on American Exceptionalism, explained to us that America is the best place in the world for medicine. I've laid this false information to rest, it is banter and nothing more, people are mostly the same everywhere, some ambitious and educated, some lazy and avoiding work, and some happy to do food deliveries with American software platforms.

idTech 3 Game Engine
Game Engine Developer
$60,000 over 2 years

When I first approached this game-engine, I intended to improve the loading experience of QuakeJS. QuakeJS is a Web Assembly / emscripten port of Quake 3 to the web-browser. The loading process took about 10 minutes over cellular network, and desktop was not much better. It first loads the Trial Demo content, about 300 MBs of data. Then it loads additional game data to run custom levels ("maps" as they are called in game).

My approach was to minimize the number of line changes stylistically. That is, rather than moving and renaming functions, I would use a pre-compiler macro to create the necessary logical breaks in the function, then call the new broken up function in the same sequence that QuakeJS did. Since I already had a working implementation, it was easy for me to see if my change caused a breaking error, or if it was indeed calling the function just like the original port, only with less code changes.

Once completed with the code changes, I iterated on development trying to find the most burdensome pieces of code. i.e. The parts that added the most complexity through new variables, lots of line changes, bug reports,etc. One of the biggest hurdles was this idea of a file manifest.json. This was hard to create, and people ran into errors trying to generate additional content through the repack.js script. The author's intention was to repackage game assets to be smaller and compatible with web. I reapproached this issue 3 times during my development.

Once I had a solid foundation and a working Web Assembly build, I attempted to distill out of emscripten only the system-level APIs that it required to run this particular engine. I expected to double the performance, and that's exactly what came from the effort. By removing the complexity implemented by emscripten's burdensome file-system APIs, extra work being done by the GL emulator, and memory leaking from Audio spatialization with SDL2, I was able to double the performance. Maps that used to only run well at 30 frames per second (FPS) could now run at 60FPS and in-general I could run the engine at over 200 FPS inside the browser window.

I then turned my focus to game developement, I wanted to implement a Portal system similar to prioprietary closed-source forks. I was able to adapt some of the code left-over from the original game that was left unused in the source code. I copied some of the models from another Portal implementation and implemented the missing functionality to display droppable portal or wall mounted portals like the game Portal from Valve. This was an interesting project because it required a fairly in depth understanding of renderer code and limitations enforced from legacy systems.

I realized this work was much too fun for one person and I reached out to other community leaders like to owner of lvlworld.com with an idea to present all the lvlworld maps in 3D as a fun exploration tool for visitors. He loved the idea and eventually rewrote my entire effort to his own accord. I felt terrible about not being able to support the website anymore, but ultimately it felt like a win having another proprietary, closed source implementation as a good learning experience for the owner, Tig.





BA - Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona, 2010 (GPA 2.5)




ACM - Association for Computing Machinery
IEEE - Institute of Electronics Engineers